District 9

22 08 2009

Went to see the movie District 9 with Brett and Ryan tonight. The movie rocked. Very interesting style and good scifi story.


Hello world!

17 08 2009

Welcome to my WordPress.com blog.  Feel free to browse, subscribe to the RSS and leave comments!

ShortURL for WordPress

17 08 2009

This is cool, check it out: http://wp.me/sf2B5-shorten

It shortens your long URL links in my WP post to wp.me/…

Waiting for luggage pickup

17 08 2009

Brett is trying to pay for our luggage to be checked with the airlines, before Disney will take possession of it and transport it to the airport! Argh!


17 08 2009

Typing typing raw hyde.


17 08 2009

What is up?